SPT6 Scaffold Plank Tester

SPT6 Scaffold Plank Tester

LVL Laminated Scaffold Boards at work

Scaffold Plank Inspection & Testing

Keep workers safe. Inspect and Test plank before every job.

New planks are certified before leaving their manufacturer. Over time and with use planks will deteriorate. Planks showing signs of damages or degredation should be removed from service - workers lives depend on it!

Why inspection and test? Visual inspection can catch external damage and deterioration that disqualifies planks for continued use. However, inspection alone may miss internal damage in a plank. Indian Mill's testing process directly measures the deflection of the plank under load in a non=destructive test process we pionered nearly 20 years ago.

Indian Mill Plank offers plank inspection and testing service out of our Houston, TX facility. We inspect and test your plank to OSHA and ANSI standards, sort out boards that fail inspection or testing, provide a report of mechanical performance of all tested plank, and date stamp tested plank. We can also include a no-obligation quote for replacing plank as needed.

We also offer our scaffold plank tester for sale, rent, or lease for customers with their own in-house inspection processes. REQUEST A QUOTE now with our online form. We're happy to help - whatever your plank testing need.