DI 65 Scaffold Board

Di-65 1.8E
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DI 65 Scaffold Plank

For confidence in planking, Solid Sawn Scaffold Plank 1.8E

Solid Sawn Scaffold Plank has been the original scaffold plank or OSHA decking board of the industry for many years.

Indian Mill has improved Dense Industrial 65 Southern Yellow Pine with our patented manufacturing process of pinning and sealing.

Indian Mill not only visually grades but mechanically proof test to meet and exceed OSHA /ANSI standards creating a compliant OSHA platform.

Indian Mill starts with highest quality planking lumber, precision end trims, corner clipping, and then applies an end sealant to delay weather damage.

Ends are pin locked with IM&Ls patented process to retard the ends from cracking and cupping. After testing, planks receive a third party stamp signifying the qualification to be OSHA grade Scaffold Plank or OSHA stamped board.

Indian Mill's solid sawn scaffold planks are available in 2 x 10 inch planks as well as 2 x 12 inch planks. Planks may be ordered with Custom Embossing, Metric Sizes, Name Branding, Plank sealing, Heat Treat Certificates, Fire Treating. Planks may be shipped Worldwide.

DI65 certifications available upon request