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Pin-Lok 2.0E
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PIN-LOK 2.0E Scaffold Plank

Engineered Planking protects you

In our patented pinning process the multiple structural components of select woods are milled to size and screw locking pins inserted down the length of plank, making Pin-Lok the most functional, durable, consistent, and longest lasting wooden scaffold planks with a much greater strength to weight ratio. With PIN-LOK most warping, twisting, cupping and end splitting is prevented due to the insertion of steel twist lock pins and the redirection of force by the different patterns of the wood grains. As in a butcher block, the multiple directions of the grains in wood not only create greater strength but also tremendously increase the amount of shock the PIN-LOK planks will absorb. Compared to other engineered wood products PIN-LOK has substantial strength to weight ratio producing reserve capacity to support unexpected loading. This increase in strength reduces the risk of a catastrophic failure and provides a greater true Safety Factor.

All scaffold planks from Indian Mill Can be protected with Rhino Skin sealant to give protection to planks in all workplace environments where longevity is a must.

The PIN-LOK 2.0E plank is a large step into GREEN Technology in that no large old growth trees have to be harvested to build Indian Mill’s PINNED Planks.

Check the FAQs and the Mechanics of Pin Locking for further information on these products.

DOD and DOE compliant - World Wide Shipping – Heat Treated – Fire Treating available

Purdue University Pin-Lok Scaffold Plank Test