SPT6 Scaffold Plank Tester

SPT6 Scaffold Plank Tester

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SPT6 Scaffold Plank Tester

Non- Destructive Scaffold Plank Tester

The newest member of Indian Mill’s family of scaffold plank testers - Don’t leave safety to chance. Know the condition of your planks

Indian Mill’s SPT6 Scaffold Plank tester is a non-destructive stationary plank testing station designed to be taken on site for verification of OSHA compliance of scaffold planks. New planks are certified before leaving the manufacturer, but after time and service they can be damaged to the point of non-compliance. The effects of rot, chemical and physical damage cannot always be seen. To be totally sure about your planks and certify they meet OSHA and ANSI criteria, mechanically test to OSHA specs with Indian Mill SPT6 Scaffold Plank Tester.

The first SPT series of testers were designed over 10 years ago with consultation with OSHA and other industry experts as to what was needed for an aftermarket tester to test used planks. Visual inspection of plank is a good start but to be sure of compliance plank need to be mechanically tested.

Like previous SPT Testers the model 6 (SPT6) has very few moving parts pressing downward till it finds the plank (for bent or warped planks) then performs the test. The optional hot branding unit can be used to burn in the date of the plank passing OSHA testing.

SPT6 – version 6 Tester from Indian Mill has the same geometry of its predecessors with a state of the art control panel and updated branding system. The SPT6 tests all lengths of plank with any test parameters desired for USA and Canada specifications. Results can be stored in memory or down loaded to other computers to be analyzed or placed in spread sheet to see what section of planks are degrading. SPT6 uses the Pass Fail lights to immediately get bad material out of inventory. SPT6 is based on Tough proven designs and can stand alone or be connected to the office computer.

Operation of the SPT6 is to first place the plank on the barriers, choose desired testing parameters, and then press the dual start buttons. The Control Panel will light the pass or fail lights and also will log the amount of deflection for each plank tested.

If running the same test for multiple days the program will stay saved in the control panel.